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London, UK

A visual tale of Indigenous solutions

Cobra photobook now on line!

May 13, 2015

Author : Andrea Berardi, Elisa Bignante, Andrea Borgarello, Jay Mistry, Claudia Nuzzo, Matthew Simpson

Location : United Kindgdom, London, London

Quality : High

Cobra photobook is a visual tale of local solutions to global challenges from Indigenous communities who participated in the Project COBRA. Have a look at it or download it: it is a great way to explore visually Indigenous lifestyles and Indigenous local solutions to global challenges!
This book emerges out of a collaboration between photographers, researchers of Project COBRA and Indigenous communities of the Guiana Shield. We’d like once again to thank the community participants and communities we have worked with for the warmth and enthusiasm they have shown us and for sharing with us their community owned solutions that are lessons to us all for how to live equitably and sustainably with your environment.



QUICK DOWNLOAD: Check out the English version of the COBRA Handbook for Practitioners.