Jay Mistry

Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, United Kingdom

Best Practice Photostories: Adaptability

Radio PAIWOMAK: Maintaining and Improving Communications

March 13, 2014

Author : Bernie Robertson, Deirdre Jafferally

Location : Guyana, North Rupununi, Bina Hill

Discipline : Culture, Development, Education, Identity, Partnerships

Orientor : Adaptability

Quality : High

Local solutions : Communication

This Best Practice Photostory was developed by the communities of the North Rupununi around the theme of adaptability. Radio PAIWOMAK is a volunteer-run community radio station that serves the North Rupununi and its development and maintenance provide a model for the adaptability best practice orientor. This photostory relates the history of PAIWOMAK and provides information on how to set-up a community radio station. It is available in English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.




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