Jay Mistry

Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, United Kingdom

Best Practice Photostories: Existence

Traditional fishing methods and community livelihoods

April 25, 2014

Author : Lakeram Haynes, Deirdre Jafferally

Location : Guyana, North Rupununi, Apoteri

Discipline : Conservation, Culture, Ecology, Education, Gender, Identity, Livelihoods, Subsistence

Orientor : Existence

Quality : High

Communities : Apoteri

Local solutions : Communication, Culture & Identity, Food & Ecosystems

This Best Practice photostory was developed by the communities of the North Rupununi around the theme of existence. It is available in English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

To mark Earth Day 2014 (http://www.earthday.org/), we are sharing this story of traditional fishing practices in Guyana. Romeo Bowen from Apoteri Village teaches us how sustainable fishing is an essential part of the community’s way of life.




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