Pantanî Blog

Documenting traditional culture and the environment with handheld technologies

Pantanî – pronounced ‘pan-duh-nee’ – means “stories” in Makushi, the language of the indigenous peoples of the North Rupununi, Guyana.

The magnificent Rupununi region has been the home of the Makushi tribes for many centuries. It can be said that its savannahs, rivers and forests have shaped its occupant’s identity. Inversely, the indigenous peoples have described the beauty, regulated the uses and mastered the conservation of their environment.

While many oral legends and stories witness the intensity of that relationship, few have reached a public beyond local communities. Pantanî aims to broadcast some of these stories on the Internet and promote the richness of indigenous culture.

During six months, from June to December 2014, four indigenous bloggers are harnessing the power of information and communication technologies to tell you stories about wildlife, land, language, culture and natural resources management.



  • April-May 2014: Identification of participants;
  • May 2014: Two-days workshop with participants;
  • June-October 2014: Blogging;
  • November 2014: Final workshop, community presentations and evaluation.

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