Jay Mistry

Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, United Kingdom

COBRA and Better PV Practice

COBRA participates in first Better PV Practice launch at the Open University

May 13, 2014

On 6th May, COBRA was invited to participate in the first Better PV Practice event, at the Open University in Milton Keynes.

The event provided a great opportunity to share experiences and ideas with a number of Participatory Video (PV) practitioners, including Insight Share, Real Time, Open Cinema and Catcher Media.

With so many PV experts, there was a great deal to talk about! The morning session focused on getting to know the work of those present and it was great to be able to showcase the work that COBRA has been doing, using PV with indigenous communities across the Guiana Shield. Discussions focused around 3 key questions: What is PV today? What is PV for? and Where is PV going? Indeed, one of the recurring themes of conversation was the ability of PV to provide a platform for people to present their ideas using their own words and images, and to gain confidence in their own ways of doing things. This was seen as something that PV practitioners must work to protect, as funders may seek to co-opt the potential power of PV to meet their own ends, steering the message away from communities.

Screenshot from the Webinar

The afternoon session consisted of an ambitious but largely successful (and very fun!) ‘webinar’ hosted by Webgathering. Those of us at the OU were joined by PV practitioners from across the globe to present some of the things we had been discussing and to hear the thoughts of a wider group of PV enthusiasts. The wealth of interest and expertise present both in-person and online suggests that future of PV is very healthy, and the COBRA team is looking forward to participating in forthcoming Better PV events.



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