Andrea Berardi

The Open University, Department of Engineering and Innovation
Milton Keynes, UK

COBRA contributes to BBC documentary ‘I Bought a Rainforest’

Community-owned solutions also featured on OpenLearn

June 2, 2014

Andrea Berardi reports on working with the BBC on their documentary ‘I Bought a Rainforest’, the first part of which aired yesterday evening (1st June).

This weekend saw the BBC broadcast the first episode of the three-part documentary series ‘I Bought a Rainforest’. The programme follows a British wildlife photographer who buys 100 acres of Amazonian rainforest adjacent to Manu National Park in Peru, in an attempt to stop loggers, coca farmers, ranchers and gold miners from encroaching on the park. He soon realises that this simplistic solution isn’t going to work… and without giving away the ending, he then adopts an approach which is very much in line with what Project COBRA is trying to promote.

This should come as no surprise, as the academic adviser on the documentary was Andrea Berardi. Andrea has also put together a new learning experience on the Amazon which has just been launched on OpenLearn – The Open University’s free learning website. This includes an ‘Adventure in the Amazon’ Gamebook (where the reader is able to determine how the story progresses based on their own decisions). The OpenLearn material also includes information on the current challenges facing the Amazon and its peoples, and photographs taken by another Andrea – professional photographer Andrea Borgarello – from two of Project COBRA’s case study communities in the North and South Rupununi, Guyana.

You won’t be surprised to see that ‘Community Owned Solutions’ and Project COBRA are prominently featured within the OpenLearn assets.

More information on the BBC documentary and supporting material can be found here:

For more of Andrea Borgarello’s photographs of Project COBRA communities, see:



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