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Cobra set to implement sharing of best practices in South Rupununi

Partnering with the South Central Peoples Development Association (SCPDA) to share best practices with a Wapichana indigenous community.

November 25, 2013

Over the past seven months, Project Cobra has been engaging the South Central Peoples Development Association (SCPDA) in a partnership to facilitate the implementation of Work package 5 – Sharing of Best Practices in a South Rupununi community.

SCPDA is a local community-based organization working with the indigenous communities of South Rupununi Guyana. SCPDA has recently organized and executed a massive community resource mapping excise with communities that constitutes the Wapichan territory of South Rupununi. This was followed by the publishing of an integrated management plan for the protection, conservation and sustainable development of the Wapishan territory. SCPDA is managed by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr. Cedric Buckley and has responsibility for 9 communities (Parakwarinau, Sand Creek, Potarinau  (+ 3 satellite communities), Katunarib, Rupunau and Sawariwau).  SCPDA also works closely with the Kanuku Mountains Community Representative Group (KMCRG) and the following communities: Shea, Achiwib, Krowadar, Ishalton, Awarwanau, Maruwanau, Parabara.

School sports in Katoonarib Village

School sports in Katoonarib Village

Deidre Jafferally and Odacy Davis of Cobra Project met representatives of the SCPDA Board on 16th August in Shulinab Village to formalize this partnership. An official presentation of the project was made followed by a screening of a few North Rupununi best practice videos. SCPDA officially accepted Cobra’s invitation to partner in this phase of the project with the signing of a permit. SCPDA was then responsible for selecting a community for the implementation of the project.

SCPDA initiated meetings with two communities under their jurisdiction. The Cobra Team was invited to meet both communities to give an overview of the project, before the Village councils and community members decided on their participation. In the end the community of Katoonarib agreed to participate on this Work package 5 exchange. Odacy Davis, Project Manager met with the community in October 2013 to introduce the project and commence logistical arrangements for the first visit in February 2014. Village Captain Gregory David and Councillors have signed a permit form which is now being addressed by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs.

The Cobra Team is excited about this partnership with SCPDA and Katoonarib Village South Rupununi and look forward to the sharing of best practices in 2014!

SCPDA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SCPDA

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