Odacy Davis


Sharing experiences with ACATISEMA of Mataven Jungle, Columbia

During the Indigenous Summit in Columbia, The Guiana Shield Facility and UNDP Columbia facilitated an exchange of experiences and lessons learned between the Cobra Project and ACATISEMA of the Mataven Forest, Columbia.

November 26, 2013

The Matavén Forest covers an area of 1.8 million hectares that sustains a population of over 14,000 inhabitants from six indigenous groups: Cubeo, Puinave, Curripaco, Piapoco, Piaroa and Sikuani.

This forest is a transition zone between the Orinoco and Amazon regions which accounts for a significant portion of the Columbian forests of the Guiana Shield. ACATISEMA is a local governance structure/entity under public law that was created to support the all-round development and the cultural and natural conservation of the Mataven forest. During the summit, the COBRA and ACATISEMA teams met to share the challenges faced by the indigenous peoples of North Rupununi and Mataven and the experiences of their respective projects…

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