Project COBRA

Recently, in the wake of the international negotiations on mitigation and adaptation to climate change, ecosystem services have emerged as a new form of economic value, which is being integrated into international development funding schemes such as REDD+. In the Guiana Shield, a large part of these territories have been historically occupied and sustainably managed by indigenous communities. Over time, they have developed a deep understanding of their environment and the ecosystems they inhabit. Unfortunately, their knowledge and needs rarely dictate development priorities.

Project COBRA aimed to showcase indigenous solutions for the management of natural resources that could in turn inspire development policies and projects. To do this, it works towards increasing confidence across indigenous communities and strenghthening their position as stakeholders by:

  • Discussing the challenges facing their community;
  • Identifying their own solutions to these challenges;
  • Recording these solutions using visual technologies;
  • Sharing their results with other communities;
  • Implementing best practices from other communities.

For an overview of the videos, photostories and publications produced in the project, visit our Media Gate.

QUICK DOWNLOAD: Check out the English version of the COBRA Handbook for Practitioners.