Rupununi Open Cinema

Our objective is to establish a community-based social enterprise in the Rupununi. Guyana, which will design, install and sustain a ‘communication and information enterprise’: the ‘Rupununi Open Cinema’ (ROC). The enterprise will have a specific aim to support socially just and ecologically sustainable initiatives by engaging communities through visual communications. Crucially, the project aims to provide a lasting legacy through the launch of a locally controlled social enterprise which will be financially sustainable.

Project aims

The project proposes to deliver a social enterprise which will engage the 16 communities of the North Rupununi and the 10 communities of the South Rupununi in resolving issues of urgent concern to them through visual communications.

The project aims to design, deliver and evaluate a social enterprise which will:

  • implement a financially viable, low-cost and mobile cinema unit which will enable communities to regularly access multimedia information;
  • enhance the capacity of a community-based film unit to record and share, through accessible visual communications, issues of concern to communities, and promote community-owned solutions to current and emerging challenges;
  • enable communities to use the regular cinema events to constructively work through issues of concern.

If you would like more information or support this project please contact us.

QUICK DOWNLOAD: Check out the English version of the COBRA Handbook for Practitioners.