Géraud de Ville

The Open University, Department of Engineering and Innovation
London, UK

Combioserve kicks off

Introducing another project on 'Community-based Management of Environmental Challenges'

March 6, 2012

In the first days of March COMBIOSERVE, another project funded under the same budget line of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme as COBRA, had its kick-off meeting in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. Both projects deal with ‘community-based management of environmental challenges’, as the EC budget line is called, and both focus on Latin America.

Project Cobra - Creative Commons

They differ in geographic scope: COBRA works in the Guiana Shield region, and COMBIOSERVE in Bolivia, Brazil and Mexico. Realizing that this provides an excellent opportunity for exchange, joint learning and synergy between the two projects in the coming years, a senior officer from IUCN NL (Netherlands Committee) joined the last evening of the kick-off of COMBIOSERVE on behalf of COBRA.

The meeting was an inspiring mutual introduction, which identified many similar subjects and approaches between the two projects. Among the main common elements were: community-based management and conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, opportunities and challenges provided by recent financial mechanisms such as PES and REDD, the associated international and national policy frameworks, impact and scenario analysis, and participatory video as a research and awareness raising instrument. Both consortia consist of ten partner organizations, with about half from Latin American and half from European countries.

The last evening of the kick-off was hosted by CEDLA, the Dutch inter-university Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation. CEDLA also has a collaborative research project funded by the EC that is relevant to both COMBIOSERVE and COBRA. This project, ENGOV, deals with environmental governance in relation to sustainable production systems that can generate both economic development and a more equitable distribution of benefits. All three projects decided to keep in close touch, to exchange and benefit from each other’s experiences in the coming years.



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