Géraud de Ville

The Open University, Department of Engineering and Innovation
London, UK

Community self-help

Best Practice: A strategy for Ideal Performance

November 6, 2014

Ideal Performance is about making the most of scarce resources. The practice of getting villagers together to carry out a specific community task (self-help) makes the most of scarce financial and workforce resources, which is often the case in remote and sparsely populated areas. Self-help is an entirely community owned practice to maintain a clean environment within the community, to develop infrastructure for the benefit of the whole community, or simply to open and maintain a farm. To do so, community members get together to carry out the task, following this saying: “many hands make light work”. Tasks can be achieved more quickly and with less expense when the community or family come together to achieve them. Self-help is also presented as a way of developing the community culturally (because it is a traditional practice), econo- mically, socially (as it brings people together) and sustainably. It makes the community more independent.



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