Jay Mistry

Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, United Kingdom

Facilitating the establishment of strong policies in support of community owned solutions

Project COBRA invited to the Guiana Shield Facility Post-2014 Programme Workshop

April 30, 2015

During the 11th to 13th March 2015, Jay Mistry and Odacy Davis of Project COBRA participated in a workshop on the Guiana Shield Facility Post-2014 Programme which was held at the Herdmanston Lodge, Georgetown, Guyana.

The key objective of the Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) workshop was to draft the GSF post-2014 programme document to be implemented in the 2015-2020 period. The GSF (UNDP) is a multi-donor funding facility for the long-term financing of national and regional activities to conserve ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and to sustain human livelihoods within the Guiana Shield eco-region. It has been a great supporter of Project COBRA, and in 2014, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the GSF.

During the three days of the meeting there was a considerable amount of discussion and debate amongst the government, NGO and academic representatives in order to find common goals in ensuring sustainable development of the Guiana Shield region at all scales. Project COBRA was obviously championing community owned solutions and for greater recognition of Indigenous voices and knowledge in all aspects of environmental management and governance. So, we were happy that one of the key priority issues identified to take forward was to support the identification, implementation and sharing of community owned solutions among Guiana Shield countries, as well as involving Indigenous peoples and other local communities in the execution of GSF initiatives.

As we go into our post-COBRA phase, we look forward to continuing to work with the GSF to support Indigenous communities and their environments.



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