Odacy Davis


Guiana Shield Facility and UNDP partner with Project Cobra

GSF-UNDP, UNDP Columbia and Project Cobra teamed up to share experiences at the 5th Summit of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

November 26, 2013

The Guiana Shield Facility – UNDP Guyana, facilitated the participation of the COBRA Project at the 5th Summit of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas held in Resguardo Indigena, La Maria Piendamo, Caucau Columbia from 13th – 15th Nov, 2013.

The Guiana Shield Facility (GSF), in fulfilling its mandate of “Promoting conservation and supporting sustainable development”, acknowledged the relevance of COBRA’s work in the Guiana Shield. As a result, GSF partnered with the project to share experiences, and lessons learned at the V Summit of Indigenous Peoples.

Odacy Davis, Project Manager at Iwokrama International Centre and Ryan Benjamin – Community Researcher, North Rupununi District Development Board, represented Project COBRA at this event. The GSF funded delegation comprised representatives of GSF/UNDP Guyana, UNDP Columbia, Guyana, Suriname, Acatisema and Mataven of Columbia…

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