Géraud de Ville

The Open University, Department of Engineering and Innovation
London, UK

Having a community radio

Best Practice: A strategy for Adaptability

November 6, 2014

Adaptability is about coping with permanent change. For communities, it is about using non-native elements in their environment wisely. Adaptability is not only about the presence of the new tool within a community, but it is also about how a community adopts the use of this new tool in a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable way. The best practice of a community-led radio station called Radio Paiwomak, is about improving communication, entertainment and information in the North Rupununi. The community radio helps communities cope with a permanently changing environment by keeping them informed on local, regional, national and international news, and educating community members through different programmes on topics such as health, agriculture and farming. The radio also enables the sharing of information and knowledge between villagers, and provides entertainment with a wide range of music, from local, national to international sources. Finally, it helps keep local culture alive, thanks to broadcasting in the local Indigenous language, and through culture and storytelling shows.



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