Celine Tschirhart

Royal Holloway University of London
Egham, United Kingdom

Indigenous health in the community of Camopi

Consultancy in French Guiana

August 24, 2016

Between January and May 2015, I was recruited by the French Guianese NGO Actions pour le Développement, l’Education et la Recherche to carry out a participatory health diagnosis in the community of Camopi. This Indigenous community has been experiencing a rise in the number of suicides over the past decade and this diagnosis was requested by the French government to identify what levers to activate to prevent what is considered as an epidemic. This report presents some thoughts on the theme of Indigenous health and well-being and how relevant it is to the people of Camopi.

Download the report: Rapport final diagnostic ADER Camopi juin 15
Visit Ader Guyane: http://www.aderguyane.org



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