Géraud de Ville

The Open University, Department of Engineering and Innovation
London, UK

Indigenous Media Gate Remodelled

Project COBRA website undergoes major update

May 5, 2014

On 5 May 2014, the Project COBRA team announces the most important update of its website since its launch in 2012. Originally designed as a directory of all the media output produced throughout the project, the website has been remodelled to improve users’ experience and to achieve sustainability beyond the end of the project.

As new communities from Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Suriname and – soon – French Guiana joined the project and started producing their own media, it was an opportunity to revise some of core features of the website. Géraud de Ville, Communication Officer on the project said: “In the initial phase of the project, the website was all about presenting our vision and ongoing research. Now that we have been able to appraise the significant impact the project is having on promoting indigenous solutions, we are reorienting the website to better reflect this new phase by showcasing the great work produced by communities.

Specific attention has thus been dedicated to make it easier to use the Media Gate, with the introduction of new navigation tools that allow browsing by media type, community, local solutions and publications. In addition, the website now features community pages, with general information about each community and, in the near future, links to their media.

Throughout the project, indigenous participants have highlighted the importance of participatory video and photo as a way of safeguarding local knowledge and traditions. This concern guided our reflection when redesigning the website. Changes were done with the aim of outliving the project by providing a safe and universally accessible repository of indigenous knowledge. The website itself will continue to evolve as new initiatives come online and as Project COBRA extends its impact both at community and policy level.



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