Deirdre Jafferally


Land Title and Cattle Rearing

Struggle for land recognition

January 18, 2015
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In October 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada rules that Aboriginal still owned their ancestral lands unless it was ceded in a treaty or worn by war. This meant that the First Nations of Canada could use these lands for modern economic gains in a manner that was sustainable and was available to future generations. This decision while it empowered the Aboriginals did not mean that the Government would quickly act on the ruling. The fight for acknowledgement of this ruling continues.
In the same way the Macuxi people of Mataruka, Brazil have been fighting to gain their land title. This was granted to them in 2005 as part of the Raposa Serra do Sol Territory. The community explains how they used cattle rearing, as practiced by non-indigenous, to show that they could contribute to the local economy and develop themselves.



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