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Mamma Mia…

... Another Italian joining the COBRA team!

November 9, 2012

Pamela Dormienti is winner of a University of Torino scholarship to carry on fieldwork in Guyana within COBRA, and we are very happy to welcome her onboard.

Let’s hear Pamela say a few words about herself:

“I have a bachelor’s degree in International Development and Cooperation (University of Pavia) and I’m currently studying Environmental Politics and Economics (Masters Degree at the University of Torino). I’ll be working on the “COBRA” project in the Rupununi district and I’ll focus my research on the effects of deforestation, forests and timber extraction on local communities.

Before starting my university studies I have travelled and worked in Europe for about five years. This has allowed me to meet people and cultures different from my own, allowing me to have a broader view of the different facets of the world and the people who inhabit it.

I have different experiences working with NGOs operating on immigration issues, and I did an internship with the University of Pavia organizing the conference “multicultural interaction in The Mediterranean countries” for the Erasmus Mundus 4 project.

I will do my best to give a concrete contribute to the “COBRA” project and I’m sure that this wonderful experience in Guyana will make me grow both as a researcher, allowing me to do research in the field, and as a person, meeting cultures and mentalities very far from those in which I come from”.

Welcome onboard, Pamela, looking forwards to working with you!



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