Lakeram Haynes

Lakeram Haynes

North Rupununi District Development Board
North Rupununi, Guyana

Management at NRDDB restructured

Restructuring the management at the NRDDB for COBRA project

September 17, 2012

During the recently held COBRA Project Management Board Meeting on 27th to 29th August at the Iwokrama River Lodge (IRL), Guyana. One of the objectives of the meeting was to help partners discuss and solve issues that were affecting the smooth management of the project. Following these discussions, changes were made in the management of the project at the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB) level.

Bina Hill compound

At the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB), local Project Manager Bertie Xavier has been wearing many hats and at a recent staff evaluation felt that because of his other duties he was not able to spend the quality time needed to effectively manage the project as it should be.  He however, expressed a wish to remain working with the Team within some capacity that could be of some help to the work being done and to the communities.

During discussion it was felt that with his presence on the United Nations Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues, the Guyana Forestry Board and the recently established Guyana Protected Areas Board Bertie would be in an ideal position to take the work of COBRA out to public forum. Therefore, from the 1st September, 2012 Bertie will no longer hold the post of Project Manager. He will now represent the COBRA Project as the Project Ambassador. In his new role, Bertie, will be presenting work of COBRA at the local, national and international levels and will help to share information that has an impact of COBRA’s work through the project website and other media.

To fill in the administrative gap left by this move the Team felt that the leadership role should be filled from within the Team.  Therefore, starting 1st September the management roles were taken up by Lakeram Haynes (Community Researcher) and Ryan Benjamin (Community Outreach Officer) who agreed to take up the positions of Project Coordinator and Assistant Project Coordinator respectively.

Lakeram and Ryan have committed to these new roles within the project and looks forward to working closely with all the project partners and others stakeholders of different worldview in achieving the project commitments. They also look forward to supporting Bertie in his new capacity on the Project and looks forward to his assistance in continuing the work in the communities.




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