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Music for communities

Project COBRA's original soundtrack "You can do it!" out now

August 20, 2014

Author : Jah Glory

Location : Guyana, Georgetown, Georgetown

Discipline : Climate change, Conservation, Development, Governance

Orientor : Adaptability, Coexistence, Existence, Flexibility, Ideal  Performance, Resistance

Quality : High

Project COBRA goes musical in support of indigenous communities with its own original sountrack “You can do it!” by the talented Jah Glory from Guyana.

This song promotes community awareness and best practice in the fight against climate change. Each one of us can help fight climate change, and together we are stronger. We have been doing this for years using traditional methods in accordance with a healthy planet. Let us do it! You can do it!



QUICK DOWNLOAD: Check out the English version of the COBRA Handbook for Practitioners.