Géraud de Ville

The Open University, Department of Engineering and Innovation
London, UK

Structure and Activities of the COBRA Project


April 3, 2012

The COBRA project is made up of a collection of highly specialised research, communications and management tasks. In order to create a structure through which these tasks can best be accomplished they have been divided into a number of workpackages (WP).

Workpackages 2-5 are the main research elements of the project while WP1 covers project management and WP6 covers project communications.

The six workpackages are as follows:

  • WP1: Project Management and Coordination tasks
  • WP2: Understanding the current situation in the Guiana Shield region
  • WP3: Identifying future scenarios of social-ecological resilience for indigenous communities
  • WP4: Determining best practice approaches fo the delivery of social- ecological resilience
  • WP5: Building capacity and applying best practice with other communities and CSOs in the Guiana Shield
  • WP6: Sharing and disseminating project findings

Today, we are pleased to share with you this third COBRA briefing! The ‘Briefings’ Series are short, reader-friendly documents around topics to do with concepts and techniques we are using within the COBRA Project.



QUICK DOWNLOAD: Check out the English version of the COBRA Handbook for Practitioners.