Elisa Bignante

University of Torino
Torino, Italy

Welcome Sarah and Valeria!

New junior researchers joining COBRA

April 3, 2012

Sarah Natoli and Valeria Burdizzo have just joined the COBRA team! Sarah and Valeria are the winners of two scholarships from the University of Torino for undertaking research in the field of Development Studies. Sarah and Valeria will join project COBRA local partner in Brazil ECA – Equipe de Conservação da Amazônia from September to December 2012. Sarah and Valeria will be working in the ECA offices in Brazilia and Amapa and will carry out fieldwork with indigenous communities in the Amapa region and in Tumucumaque.

Let’s get to know them a little better…

Sarah Natoli has a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Mediation (University of Naples) and a Masters degree in Geography (University of Torino). From September 2008 to October 2009 she lived in Brazil working on the project “White helmets: interventions in humanitarian crisis areas in Brazil” in the city of Parnaiba (Piauì Region). She worked in the Nutritional Centre of Vazantinha and supported microcredit activities, helping to promote education and awareness on nutrition. While in Brazil, Sarah also took part in the World Social Forum, held in February 2009 in the city of  Belem, where she came in contact with local associations and had the opportunity to visit the Amazon region.

Valeria Burdizzo has a bachelor degree in International Studies (Uni. of Torino) and is currently studying for a joint Masters degree in Human Rights at the University of Torino and at University of Bordeaux. She has experience in development cooperation in Northern Africa where she worked with the association Re.Co.Sol (Solidarity Villages Network) on a project in the Sahrawi Refugees camps in Tindouf (Algeria). The aim was to supervise the successful outcome of a cooperation project started in 2009 after a first survey of the camps.

Valeria and Sarah are very happy to be part of the COBRA team and are looking forward to their fieldwork. They are currently studying and collecting as much information as possible on the Guiana Shield region and on the theoretical and methodological frameworks the COBRA project has adopted.



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