Lakeram Haynes

Lakeram Haynes

North Rupununi District Development Board
North Rupununi, Guyana

Welcome Bernie and Aliki

Introducing two new PV assistants for Project COBRA

June 13, 2013

On 20 May, Project COBRA welcomed two new staff members – Bernie Robertson and Aliki Haynes – in the NRDDB Project Team.

Bernie and Aliki, staff members from the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB) are hired to assist the team with tasks they were not able to tackle while working on the project deliverables. This includes archiving all the photographic and video materials collected over the last year and half. Being new, they also add new perspectives to the work currently being done and so far have been of great help to the Team in putting the current set of deliverables together. It will also be part of their task to put together other short videos from the materials collected at different NRDDB events to help populate the NRDDB webpage. Bernie and Aliki were chosen from a group of 4 young community members who applied for the position. They edged out the other two potential recruits with their previous participatory video experience. Bernie and Aliki will hold the position of Participatory Video Assistants.

Bernie Robertson – Creative Commons

Name: Bernie Robertson

Where I’m from: Annai Central, Annai Village

Passion: reading, making new friends, traveling and absolutely love to dance

Vision: Is to work with communities towards development and empower young people to be positive and strong leaders in the various endeavors they undertake.

Project Position: Participatory Video Assistant

Project Tasks: archive audio-visual material, create short videos, assist with project deliverables and assist with community outreach on Radio Paiwomak.

Previous Experience: Was part of the community cinema project (2010-2011) that explored communities’ ability to capture and produce their traditional experiences in the communities.

Contact: berniestar1(at)

Aliki Haynes – Creative Commons

Name: Aliki Haynes 

Where I’m from: Kwatamang, Annai Village

Passion: meeting new people and exploring Guyana and other countries.

Vision: to continue working and improving my skills to promote development in my community

Project Position: Participatory Video Assistant

Project Tasks: archive audio-visual material, create short videos, and assist with project deliverables

Previous Experience: was a member of the first PV project (2006-2007) in the North Rupununi exploring traditional stories and the human – Black Caiman conflict in villages along the Rupununi River.

Contact: alihynes24(at)



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