Deirdre Jafferally


Participatory Video and System Viability Analysis Training

Learning About System Viability Analysis

July 13, 2012
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In October 2011, some members of the North Rupununi communities participated in a training session on one of the methods that would be used by the COBRA Project to explore how community-owned solutions could contribute to solving future challenges related to climate change and ecosystem services.

Project COBRA – Creative Commons

The group was introduced to the ideas of system viability analysis and how its orientors could be used to determine community survivability. This framework asks a key question: what do communities need to survive?  Using six main driving forces from the methodology participants explored this idea of what is needed for their survival. During the workshop participants then used video, photographs and drawings to present their ideas.



QUICK DOWNLOAD: Check out the English version of the COBRA Handbook for Practitioners.