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System Viability Analysis of Apoteri Village

A Photostory

June 26, 2012

Author : Ryan Benjamin

Location : Guyana, Region 9, North Rupununi, Apoteri Village

Discipline : Agriculture, Culture, Development, Ecology, Economics, Education, Governance, Health, Land policy & use, Livelihoods, Subsistence, Transportation

Orientor : Adaptability, Coexistence, Existence, Flexibility, Ideal  Performance, Resistance

Quality : High

Communities : Apoteri

This is a story told by the people of Apoteri. It talks about its survival on a day to day basis, and how they deal with the changes that are rapidly emerging in the Region. As one of the most isolated villages, Apoteri has been dependent upon natural resources available around the village. However, with recent changes the community is struggling to find ways to adapt while holding on to its culture and keeping its younger generations in the village.

Rebecca Xavier – Creative Commons



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