Deirdre Jafferally


System Viability Analysis of Fairview Village

A Photostory

June 27, 2012

Author : Lakeram Haynes

Location : Guyana, Region 8, Iwokrama Forest, Fair View Village

Discipline : Agriculture, Culture, Development, Ecology, Economics, Education, Forestry, Governance, Health, Land policy & use, Livelihoods, Mining, Subsistence, Transportation

Orientor : Adaptability, Coexistence, Existence, Flexibility, Ideal  Performance, Resistance

Quality : High

Communities : Fair View

Fair View’s photostory represents and explains in summary how the village was established and how the community members live and relate to their surrounding natural environment and resources. It also talks about how they would like to relate to their natural and human resources in the future with regard to the Village’s general development. The community explains that farming, culture, development, conservation, having jobs, education, good governance, health, resource use planning are all important aspects of their current existence and continued survival.

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