Deirdre Jafferally


System Viability Analysis of Rupertee Village

A Photostory

June 27, 2012

Author : Grace Albert & Deirdre Jafferally

Location : Guyana, Region 9, North Rupununi, Rupertee Village

Discipline : Agriculture, Culture, Development, Ecology, Economics, Education, Forestry, Governance, Health, Land policy & use, Livelihoods, Subsistence, Transportation

Orientor : Adaptability, Coexistence, Existence, Flexibility, Ideal  Performance, Resistance

Quality : High

Communities : Rupertee

It is important for the people of Rupertee to know their community’s origins as it adds value to the natural resources they use. They strive to safeguard their traditions and customs for the future although external things are being introduced and are influencing young people’s way of life. To achieve their goals they are building ties with other stakeholders and partners who can provide advice, support and funds.

Grace Albert – Creative Commons



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