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Upload a picture or pdf attachment

This tutorial aims to help you with the picture/file upload engine that is available when you upload a news post or a new media. Click on the images on the left side for explanatory screenshots.

Insert an image

The first thing to do is of course to create a news post or a media post and fill in all the required information (title, subtitle, abstract, categories etc.)

1) Click on ‘Set feature image’ (Image 1)

2) Click on ‘Add media files from your computer’ (Image 2)

3) Select the file and upload – make sure the image is large enough (no thumbnails), the software will resize it automatically!

4) Give your image a title (Image 3, arrow 1)

5) Use the caption box to mention who took the image. The text by default is ‘Name – Creative Commons‘ or ‘Project COBRA – Creative Commons‘ (Image 3, arrow 2)

6) Leave alignment and size unmodified

7) Click on ‘Use as featured image’ (Image 3 arrow 3)

8) Click on insert into post (Image 3, arrow 4)

Insert a pdf file

This website allows the uploading of pdf files as well into posts. Here is how to do it:

1) In your post, click on Upload/insert (File 1)

2) Click ‘Select file’ on ‘Choose files from your computer’

3) Give a proper title to your file (File 2, arrow 1)

4) Click directly on ‘save change’ (File 2, arrow 2), not on ‘use as featured image’ nor on ‘insert into post’!!!

5) That’s it, your file will appear on top of your post in a nice pdf bar.

Not working? Contact laurence.byrne [at]

Good luck!



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